University of San Diego: BFA
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
NYU: Tisch School
San Francisco Art Institute
Anderson Ranch Art Center

California based artist Remington creates with several different mediums; primarily painting and photography. Deeply personal, her art draws from the natural world with the vivid hues deriving from her surroundings of home and travels. Remington had an early introduction into the art world. She first entered the world of film and darkrooms at Francis Parker School and later honed her skills with years of painting and educational art experimentation across the United States and abroad. She graduated with a BFA from the University of San Diego and her passion for the arts has been developing ever since. In 2016, she opened a temporary studio gallery in La Jolla and is continuing her success now in her private studio.

Remington uses a brush, palette knife, kitchen tools, and spray bottle for her creations and her experience with photography has had a major influence on her painting. Inspired by light, movement, surprising color combinations, social interaction, patterns and drips, she forms abstracted, pixilated compositions. The balance between control and chance that Remington maintained throughout her process produces compositions that can have a sense of calm tranquility. She has the ability to create visual texture with a rich adventurous color palette and expressive layered marks. Working from various mediums, Remington creates large abstracts that magnify and celebrate the common pattern while also amplifying the beauty of negative space. She is highly influenced by the way color evokes emotion and she demonstrates that emotion through her paintings. 

Initially, Remington was drawn to the contrast in black and white. She applies the same principles of contrast by using color, exemplifying the dichotomy in life, which is demonstrated in an abstract way. The colors speak to one another and breath life into the work, with hard-edged, bold acrylic paintings bursting with color. In all of Remington’s pieces, there is an energy that is created in her paintings which seems to permeate the space. A similar technique is applied in the black and whites with dramatic textures, using shades, big gestural strokes and drips. Each painting is a one-of-a-kind piece. Remington’s paintings reflect a depth that has garnered her a devoted following from interior designers to collectors. Her works, both deliberate and wildly gestural in stroke, can be found on a variety of mediums from canvas to wood panels.


UPCOMING EXHIBITION: Brandes Gallery at LUX Art Institute// Encinitas, California// August 31-October 26, 2019

Jeff Mitchum Galleries//La Jolla, California & Las Vegas, Nevada// October 2016-March 2018

Del Mar Breeder's Cup//Del Mar//Flower Hill Mall//Torrie Horse// November 2017

Remington Weinger Art Gallery//La Jolla, California// February 2016

Spa Blue// Del Mar, California// 2015

The Rose Art Gallery// San Diego, California// February 2015